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A Different Model Of Care For Employers & Employees

Employers and employees alike would benefit from a different model of care. Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care’s better way of care means the more you go to the doctor, the less it costs. It means that employers can reduce their $450 dollar per month cost to $37 per employee per month for preventative needs. It means that small and medium size employers can offer benefits. And it gets better. We include most testing, diagnostics, labs, and urgent and primary care in that $37 per employee per month fee. Unlimited visits in person. Unlimited visits via video. The $37 per employee rate is for a limited time.

Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care provides this value to employers and employees throughout the Lowcountry. Just add catastrophic healthcare insurance to cover surgery and hospital care. Choose your own companies catastrophic health insurance plan, or choose the catastrophic care plan we offer our employees at Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care. For companies with five employees or more, we then provide urgent, primary, lab, and diagnostic care for $37 per employee. As an employer you can choose to cover some or all of that monthly fee.

How do we do this? Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care’s Direct Primary Care model puts the relationship between the doctor and the patient first, while minimizing cost and restrictions that often burden traditional practices that take insurance. In our model, fees are paid directly to your Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care clinic doctors on a monthly basis. There are no hidden fees or complex invoices. Our doctors spend their time focusing on each patient, not on paperwork and billing. Your monthly membership fee covers unlimited patient visits throughout the year. We are transparent about pricing so there are no hidden fees at check out or mailed to you following your visit.

To maximize your savings, find a high deductible insurance or medical sharing plan to cover you for hospital visits and surgeries. Employees save hundreds of dollars in their check each month by picking a high deductible insurance plan and using their Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care membership. We also extend our better way of care to specialists in our network who have agreed to provide care at an affordable rate to our members.

Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care’s two membership options:

1. Individual: Only $75/person
2. Corporate: $37 group rate/person – Limited Time!

Treatment Includes:

  • Doctor/PA Evaluation/Office Visit
  • Strep and Flu Swabs, UA, A1C, CBC, Lipids and more
  • Onsite X-ray, EKG, and Lab Work
  • Written Rx(s) as needed
  • Up to 2 injections (non-vaccine)

Ready to benefit from your benefits? Have faith in your Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care. To learn more about Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care, give us a call at 843-HOLY CITY, 843-465-9248. Click here to join our membership plans.

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