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Are You Covered?

Want better healthcare coverage and more money in your check monthly? Membership has its benefits. Show this to your employer before they, and you, pay too much.

For 37 dollars a month per person, per employee you can receive unlimited urgent and primary care.*

​Sound too good to be true? Let’s do some math to check the facts.

Holy City Med (HCM) Urgent And Primary Care Company/Group Membership (5+ Employees)
Typically employers pay 82% of health insurance single coverage and 70% of family coverage.

HCM Single Annual Pricing
$37 X 12 Months = $444.00
82% Annual Employer = $364.08
Annual Employee = $79.92

Add a family member to your Holy City Med Urgent And Primary Care membership for $27.00 per person, per month. In 2019, for family coverage, the average policy totaled $20,576 a year with employers contributing, on average, 70 percent, or $14,561. Employees paid the remaining 30 percent or $6,015 a year.

HCM Family Annual Pricing
$27 family member X 12 months = $324.00
70% Annual Employer = $226.80
Annual Employee = $97.20


In 2019, the average company-provided health insurance policy totaled $7,188 a year for single coverage. On average, employers paid 82 percent of the premium, or $5,946 a year. Employees paid the remaining 18 percent, or $1,242 a year. Clearly, $79. 92 a year for all the preventive care visits you need is BETTER than paying $1,242 annually.

Need help with different proposals to share with your employer? We can do that. Email us at with how much you pay now, if you need single or family coverage, and we will email you back your proposal. Its that simple. Share your custom proposal with your Human Resources Director, manager, owner or other as needed.

A little shy about sharing? Give us the manager contact email and we’ll share an individualized company plan directly for consideration.

Small Employers 2019 Survey
Only 47% of firms with 3 to 9 workers offer coverage, while virtually all firms with 1,000 or more workers offer coverage. Cost is cited as the primary reason small businesses do not provide health benefits. The average premium for family coverage has increased 22% over the last five years and 54% over the last ten years. This is significantly more than either workers’ wage increases or inflation.

What’s the answer? Holy City Med Urgent And Primary Care company/group membership. Join now to benefit. Don’t wait. The $37 per employee, per month pricing ends 11/30/2020.



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