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Why Choose Medical Memberships at Holy City Med?

The past year has presented challenges for all businesses. Many businesses have been forced to shift their business model to stay afloat. Some, unfortunately, were not so lucky. Now more than ever, employee retention is crucial.

What is the best way to ensure employee retention? Most would say the number 1 answer would be to have a good work environment. While that is true, what does that really mean? To the Holy City Med team, that means taking care of your staff beyond the hours they work. It means providing them medical benefits that are truly good, all the while not taking a massive chunk out of a paycheck. By providing great medical benefits, this means healthier employees which also means less sick time.

The medical membership plan at Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care provides unlimited medical visits both in-clinic and through telemedicine, access to drive-thru testing, compassionate care from our staff, and more! With extended hours, even on the weekend, we are there for your staff when they need us.

When asked, why should you provide medical benefits through the medical membership plan with Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care, we ask you- why not? Ready to make a difference with your employees? Contact us to get started.