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Healthcare: Simplified.

How many times have you been to the doctor to then receive an incredibly large bill a month or two months later? Had it been long enough that you had to remind yourself what it was for?

While other urgent and primary care offices may be primary offenders of this issue, Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care doesn’t give you a bill! All you pay is one all-inclusive fee. Shocking right?

You may be asking yourself, “What’s the catch?”, but let us assure you, there is none! Whether you are a member of our medical membership plans or a walk-in patient, you pay one fee. Your fee includes doctor’s visit, X-rays, labs, EKG, Flu/Strep test, two non-vaccine injections and more!

The days of you going to a doctor for what seems like something simple and walking away to receive a bill for over $500 months later are over with Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care. The time to simplify healthcare is now. Experience it with Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care at our 2 clinics located conveniently off 526. Questions? We’re here to help, email us at