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Don’t Risk It: A Parent’s Perspective

COVID-19 is not something we’ve been able to overcome, just yet. As parents, it’s even more concerning that the latest surge has now seems to affect children.. Our family doesn’t leave the house without masks and hand sanitizer. We won’t go in crowded places that don’t observe social distancing. We are doing all that we can to keep ourselves safe from this terrible virus.

After spending so much time in 2020 in our home and in masks, our immune systems are just not what they used to be. Now that all sorts of viruses are going around, it can be difficult to distinguish the difference between a common sinus infection or cold and COVID. To be safe, our family has gotten tested a few times.

There are so many different places to go to be tested, but not all are the safest option for you and your family. Parents, don’t take your kids into these urgent care clinics that their waiting rooms are so full, people are sitting on the sidewalk outside. Don’t risk potential exposure of a highly contagious virus just waiting to be tested! We made that mistake one time and were more worried we had COVID after being in that clinic!

Don’t risk it! You don’t have to take your kids out of your car into an urgent care clinic waiting room. You can get tested from the safety of your car! We are so thankful we found Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care for drive thru testing. We were able to register online ahead of time, drive over to their clinic, and the staff tested us all and we were on our way. We didn’t need an appointment and we didn’t have to wait! We received our results timely, and they provided the necessary documentation for travel and school. There’s no price tag on the convenience and comfort it provided for this mother! Do the best thing for your family’s safety and your peace of mind and stress levels, do the drive-thru test at Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care. I promise you, you will not regret it.