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Membership Has Its Benefits

Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care makes fast, affordable, quality healthcare possible for your employees. Taking care of your workforce is as simple as $47/month, per employee, and $37/month per dependent. Business members with five or more employees provide unlimited Urgent and Primary Care visits, inclusive of video medical visits. Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care business members receive our Certified Healthy Business seal of approval to display, prominently, to customers and employees.

What does being a Certified Healthy Workplace mean for you, your staff and your customers? First, taking care of your most important investment, your people, translates to your customers trusting that they are supporting a safe and healthy environment. Next, it means you and your team now have access to fast, affordable, quality healthcare. The unhealthy cycle of only accessing care when you have to, and spending alarming amounts of money to do so, is over. Access to Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care is wide open and geared toward making your entire workforce health a priority.

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Certified Healthy Workplace Benefits At a Glance

  • Fast, affordable, quality care for one, low monthly membership fee.
    • No co-pay. No deductible.
    • No contracts.
  • Complete urgent and primary care.
  • Unlimited provider visits, X-rays, EKG, in-house labs, strep and flu tests, and up to two injections (non-vaccine).
  • Unlimited video medical visits.
  • Pre-employment care access (discounted).
  • Work-related care (discounted).
  • Transparent pricing.
  • Access to affordable care with participating partner specialists.
  • Access to fast drive-thru testing for COVID, flu, strep and more.
  • Convenient locations + evening and weekend hours.

Each business member can customize the program to their individual needs. Cover all of the $47/month member fee, cover a portion or none as a zero-cost to employer option. Offer the membership as part of the employee package and deduct from employee payroll. How you decide to invest in the health and well-being of your workforce is your decision. We can help customize a plan for you. Interested in pairing our plan with catastrophic insurance coverage? We can help with that, as well.

Call 843-Holy-City (843-465-9248) or email us at for your customized membership plan. There’s never been a better time to make the health of your business a priority.

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Individual Membership

We want you to come see our team of qualified practitioners, often. Become a member for $75/month and receive unlimited Urgent and Primary Care visits, x-rays, EKG, flu, strep and other tests, up to two injections (non-vaccine) and unlimited video medical visits. That is how much we want you to invest in your health. Pay one low rate monthly and come see us, often. Quit worrying about whether or not you can afford to go to the doctor. We are there for you and your loved ones, in fact, the whole family.

We invite you to join us as we shepherd in a new, better way of providing healthcare. Never wonder and worry about what it will cost, again. Join our Holy City Med Urgent and Primary Care family and regain faith in your medical care. We hope to see you, often. Want to learn more? Call us at 843-Holy-City (843-465-9248) or email