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Do I have to pay for a doctor visit?

No, all visits are included in memberships, or non-members pay $97 all-in.

Can I go to any Holy City Med location?

Yes, all locations are included.

Can I stay home and see a doctor by phone/video?

Yes, all Video Medical Visits are included, or $37 for non-members.

Are any drive-thru tests included?

Yes, flu and strep testing is included Free to Members ($20/$40 non-members), and can be done via our drive-thru system.

Are any CoVID-19 tests included?

No, we are charged separately for the CoVID tests, so there is an additional charge. Our tests are very affordable due to our ability to negotiate great pricing!

Are Rx medicines included?

We do write prescriptions, included in the visit, for many patients, and the Rxs are then filled at a pharmacy, paid for by our patients.

Can I still go to my former doctor?

Yes, and we can share your records, with your approval, to coordinate great care.

Do member costs apply to my deductible?

We do not file any insurance claims, and we are not sure if they will give you credit toward your deductible. We can provide a receipt for your care.

Do I have to see doctors in a network?

Our network is open to all healthcare providers.

What if I need a referral to see a Specialist?

We have hand-selected Specialists with about every specialty needed, and we request that they provide significant self-pay discounts to our patients.